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PlaySolar’s cloud monitoring solution, CloudSol™ is a web-based remote monitoring, control and performance analysis tool for PlaySolar products. It provides easy access to PV plants performance data in real-time. Users receive fully customizable early warning notification about critical faults even before they occur via SMS or email. This offers the users time for quick fault clearance, thereby reducing yield losses. Real-time information reporting helps user keep track of their daily generation. It also provides a deeper understanding of energy generation patterns during the day and the impact of key equipment on their energy usage. This coupled with active demand supply management tools form powerful mechanism to manage daily energy needs and production. Think of CloudSol™ as an energy management tool. It alerts you when your system is under performing or when your energy use increases. By analyzing trends it can anticipate future failures and shutdowns.

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Affordable solar energy applications and connected communities worldwide. Build a world class organization that excels in simple, smart, flexible and reliable renewable energy solutions.

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PlaySolar CEO, Mux Narasimhan speaks to Saur Energy International in their article on profitable solar business. PlaySolar is listed as one of six startups that promise a smart connected future!

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What one thing can make us truly energy independent? What one thing can end all the wars in the world? What one thing can be the most crucial to our sustenance on Earth and beyond?

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