mini grids


While India is making fast industrial growth, the industries responsible for this growth are often found struggling to keep themselves operational due to their dependence on electricity. Most industry owners operate a remote facility in regions with unstable power supply and depend on diesel generators for back up. Increasing electricity tariffs and escalating diesel costs however, have a crippling effect on the growth of these industries. This is a cause for concern for the Government which is gearing up to set up a stable low cost electricity source for Indian industries.

The industrial sector is witnessing a shift from sourcing power from the conventional grid to generating their own power from solar. The factory buildings are sufficiently large to generate anywhere between 10-100% of their power requirement. Attractive feed-in- tariff schemes greatly reduce the amortization time of solar systems.

Key benefits include:
1. Continuous availability of power
2. Reduced dependence on conventional grid supply
3. Utilization of empty rooftop
4. Keep a tight lid on diesel expenses
5. Increase green footprint