grid tied


A residential grid-tied or grid-interactive solar system is a battery-less solar rooftop system which is connected to the utility grid. The system exports the generated solar power to utility grid through distribution board of the building. The grid-tied inverter which synchronizes with the utility grid can be configured to feed power back to the grid regardless of operating load. This is an important feature as you offset your night time consumption from grid with the day time generation when peak loads elsewhere demand production.

A grid-tied system consists of solar modules, grid-interactive inverter, and a net meter. The net meter records the net energy between exported solar energy and imported energy from discom. The owner is incentivized for the power they feed to the grid as per the feed-in- tariff scheme in their state.

Benefits of a grid-tied system include:
1. Safeguard against ever-increasing electricity tariffs
2. Sell excess power back to the utility grid
3. Offset your electricity bill
4. Quick ROI
5. Make use of your idle rooftop space
6. Clean and green energy
7. Low upfront cost


Bangalore (J.P.Nagar) 5kW System

Chennai 4.3kW System

Bangalore (HSR Layout) 3kW System