mini grids


Rural banks in India, which have traditionally functioned as siloed units, are slowly adopting modern technologies to increase their reach across India. However, operational efficiency of rural banks is extremely low due to unreliable grid power and lack of infrastructure. Operations at rural banks are severely affected by 8-10 hours of power outages every day and often witness black-outs for up to 24 hours. This has a crippling effect on their ability to operate.

A stand-alone solar off-grid system is best suited for these rural banks. The power requirement for such banks is much lower when compared to urban establishments. With adequately sized battery back-up these banks can operate entirely on solar for up to 5 hours in case of power outage. Moreover, certain electrical loads can be operated directly from solar during the day.

  1. Quick & easy to install
  2. Power back-up
  3. Reduced dependence on conventional grid
  4. Save on expensive diesel generators
  5. Uninterrupted decentralized power